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Mon cheri

July 30, 2008


Maid of the bride

July 29, 2008

Scale of 1 – boring?

July 27, 2008

Today has been off the scale.

Currently sat in my baggy west coast choppers tee & aa pants trying to break in my new heels. Everyone else has fucked off to other parts of the country.

  • Amy has ventured off to New Milton to have a weekend of head rubbing, drug abusing, theme park screaming and cheap thrills with Liam Snailworth Read
  • Kellie has gone off to the beach without me
  • Everyone else sucks
  • And party shuffle is choosing the worst songs I own, I swear.


However, the sun is shining so I’m going to quit being a recluse and go enjoy it. I may even take this little monster for a walk..



So why do they call him "The Joker"?

July 25, 2008

Quick appreciation post.

Yep, it’s friday night and I’ve just got back from seeing the new Batman movie with my mother.
Christian Bale definately did it for us, but that doesn’t suprise me since falling in love with him after watching ‘American Physco’ for the first time.

Work it

July 24, 2008

Extra sketchbook work for college.

Model – Kellie

Northern charm

July 21, 2008

After last weeks escupades, Michigan & I couldn’t resist another trip up North!┬áSo friday after work we grabbed our luggage (yes actual luggage) and hit the road.



The journey consisted of the usual antics:

  • Trying to rap to “copious amounts” of RnB
  • Stopping off at our infamous service station for seafood sandwhiches & make-up re-application
  • Abusing & cursing at Tomtom
  • Singing our ever such little hearts out to a bit of Tila and Cartel until we reach “sexy/husky” voice effect.
  • Getting a bit TOO excited over our One True Love and NUS cards. (You may never know)
  • And finally a bit more rapping

So on arrival we threw our bags down and headed straight for the kitchen where we quite creatively made a beautiful mixture of cherry sourz and ice blasts!
The rest of the night should probably be locked away and never spoken about ever again.
Although a sneak peak would include; pizza boxes, Amy Whinehouse, Imaginary Objects, and some good old fashioned Fresh Prince.


  • Force feeding a muffin and a smoothie down mine and Amys neck
  • Turquoise Pigeons (for anyone who doesn’t believe us:
  • Watching a mini skate tournament, which I’d usually enjoy, however these skaters were horrendous.
  • More lazing about
  • Matt and Oli starting and completing Sonic
  • Feeling like shit
  • Failing at RockBand with Nat


  • Walking to some club at 3am to find out we were the minority resulting in going straight home
  • 4 in a bed and the little one wouldn’t shut up!
  • Power naps & cuddles
  • Insane 10 man Carvery
  • Wall-E (the worst film ever to date)
  • Leaving to get home at 3am Monday, work starting at 6.30am.

Overall good times.

Fields of glory

July 19, 2008

Heart of glass

July 15, 2008


Bitches be crazy

July 13, 2008

Your face.

Last night was Lauren’s birthday out in Bath. All was going well until a couple of local tarts decided to try start something. So Amy dusted her knuckle tats & fed them a fist sandwich. This was the aftermath… Note the blood & swollen lip. This is nothing compared to how the other girl came out of it!



July 12, 2008