Northern charm

After last weeks escupades, Michigan & I couldn’t resist another trip up North! So friday after work we grabbed our luggage (yes actual luggage) and hit the road.



The journey consisted of the usual antics:

  • Trying to rap to “copious amounts” of RnB
  • Stopping off at our infamous service station for seafood sandwhiches & make-up re-application
  • Abusing & cursing at Tomtom
  • Singing our ever such little hearts out to a bit of Tila and Cartel until we reach “sexy/husky” voice effect.
  • Getting a bit TOO excited over our One True Love and NUS cards. (You may never know)
  • And finally a bit more rapping

So on arrival we threw our bags down and headed straight for the kitchen where we quite creatively made a beautiful mixture of cherry sourz and ice blasts!
The rest of the night should probably be locked away and never spoken about ever again.
Although a sneak peak would include; pizza boxes, Amy Whinehouse, Imaginary Objects, and some good old fashioned Fresh Prince.


  • Force feeding a muffin and a smoothie down mine and Amys neck
  • Turquoise Pigeons (for anyone who doesn’t believe us:
  • Watching a mini skate tournament, which I’d usually enjoy, however these skaters were horrendous.
  • More lazing about
  • Matt and Oli starting and completing Sonic
  • Feeling like shit
  • Failing at RockBand with Nat


  • Walking to some club at 3am to find out we were the minority resulting in going straight home
  • 4 in a bed and the little one wouldn’t shut up!
  • Power naps & cuddles
  • Insane 10 man Carvery
  • Wall-E (the worst film ever to date)
  • Leaving to get home at 3am Monday, work starting at 6.30am.

Overall good times.


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