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Hang ten

August 7, 2008

Pretty last minute but me and the Nobster decided to jump in the car and tackle the four hour drive down to Newquay for Boardmasters 08. Leaving at 10pm on Monday wasn’t the best idea, but non the less we went for it. Sleeping at the most horrific service station wasn’t the most comfortable night ever, but we survived and grabbed a breakfast bap in the morning from the van next to us! It was a cold & wet couple of days but the surfers pulled it out & we still had fun.



Mental overdrive

August 5, 2008

London calling

August 3, 2008

Just had a smashing weekend in Laandan!

Met Sluggly Betty aka Liam at waterloo after work on saturday, then made our way to Bond Street to meet everyone else at this little cocktail bar called Moose/Goose or something equally animal related. We were welcomed by a very happy & very drunk Ruby just outside Selfridges, leaving us feeling as if we were the most sober people on the planet.
After seeing everyone else with mojitos in hand, I decided to grab myself one, however little did I know how utterly strong it would be… ugh bad start.

So after a few drinks, spillages and a photo shoot, we decided to get a bus to Shoreditch and commence more waste.
here’s a few of the snaps, bare in mind I wasn’t actually as drunk as I look at this point..


So once we hit shoreditch, we walk around, rattle some cattle then end up in electric city. Downing half a pint of cider wasn’t a good idea so Liam, Sam and I hit the dancefloor.. and this is when my life gained meaning. Not only was it just any dancefloor, oh no we’re talking about a flashing 1970s inspired neon lighted dancefloor where we found a 40yr old, white (not that it makes much difference) Michael Jackson, I could never capture the pure entertainment of this into words, so I’ll leave it at eehee! Shortly after losing our minds there we ended up outside so find some more livestock.Can’t remember the rest of the night in chronological order but I know it involved:

  • cushty seating
  • a sudden engagement to Sam
  • head banging in Sin
  • getting my neck crushed by a sweaty american
  • bollocks grabbing
  • finger slobbering
  • the biggest relief ever finding Ruby to of survived the night bus
  • overpriced taxi’s
  • chars house
  • being verbally abused by budgies
  • mulled wine
  • soul patches

Waking up in the later morning to find Chars dad didn’t actually have an emo fringe, was to say the least a little disspointing, however turning over to see Sam and Liams faces that Ruby had quite artistically altered was definately a highlight.

So after making ourselves look half decent, we missioned it back into central, Ruby & Sam headed home whilst Liam and I dragged ourselves around London, booked our tattoos for September 13th @ Frith Street, and blagged 50% off in american apparel (Shaun we love you). But yeah so excited about getting my feet done finally! I’ll make sure to put up some photos asap.