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Undeniably unexpected

February 24, 2009

Some people never fail to surprise me…


Valentines vixens

February 17, 2009

Sheffield Returns!…

So although a man in my life is partially non existent, luckily I’m blessed with having some pretty gnarly chicks to chill with for the most romantic day of the year.
On thursday I got up extremely early to catch the 6:55 to London Paddington.
Finally pulled into the station to find the tubes were messed up… fucking typical.
After running around like a headless chicken for 10 minutes, I managed to end up on the Hammersmith Line & make my way to Kings Cross St Pancras. Unfortunately this was not the end of my troubles with the railway service, but after a frantic rush to the right platform I eventually got on the correct train. Got into Sheffield around 12:30 where Nat picked me up and we drove to her student house. Dropped our bags off then went to Meadowhall for a look around the shops. After a rather filling Nandos we decided to head back & plan our evening.
Decided to head over to Oli’s where Amanda was staying for a few days whilst the guys are on tour then see what happens from there.
Ended up reuinted with our good friend Mandy & hit plug.
After massive paranoia over secret security, halucinating dog bones & generally going mental, we took a cab back to the apartment where we crashed out about 5am.

Next morning or should I say afternoon  Amanda, Eliza & I dragged ourselves to the co-op. Where we splashed out on a combination of fruit, cereal, bread & apple juice.
Spent the evening in with Nat & Amanda, ordered a gross chinese. Felt sorry for ourselves, listened to Girls Aloud & basically just lounged around. The next night was almost the same as the first, typical plug, staying up all night, three in a bed and a long lazy morning ahead of us.

Open wide

February 17, 2009

I just came across this collection of pinhole camera photographs & they really jumped out at me and reminded me why I love photography so much. They are so refreshing & I love the p.o.v.  Hopefully you will find something inspiring from this view we never get to see.

Heart cage

February 3, 2009