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San Diego Warped Tour

August 22, 2009

Last moments before the vibe!



August 20, 2009

Definitely one of my all time favourite films, possibly even my favourite. Recommended to me by a close friend a while back, knowing my love for Joy Division. After watching this that love grew even stronger. I would 100% recommend this to anyone from JD/Ian Curtis fans to people inspired by that era or just anyone who will enjoyan intimate interpretation of real life events/documtenation.

Irvine residence

August 17, 2009

Sorry Jona!

August 14, 2009

@ the Glasshouse in Pomona, Dinging it up! Get down here now for your chance to win all sorts of goodies!

City of Angels

August 11, 2009

Last night I flew high above the city in a helicopter. So unreal! There was also the red carpet premiere for Inglorious Basterds at the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd, so we could see all of that down below.

American Rag

August 9, 2009

Hit Fashion Island with Kelley & fell in love with this casual little Seneca Rising number.

Maki Yaki

August 7, 2009

Dana Point with Bridget, high as kites. nomnomnom

V.I.P X GAMES Partay

August 2, 2009

Last night was crazy cool.

With only a few hours to go before the V.I.P X Games red carpet event (because apparently I’m worthy) was due to begin, I was doing last minute prep in true Hollywood style. Pacing down the boulevard in nothing but an american apparel jersey dress & Chanel bag (yep complete commando!) towards Hollywood Tan.  It just so happened that I had drawn out $500 beforehand to save me doing so later in the week so when I retrieved this from my Chanel purse whilst explaining I had a red carpet event to be at in 2 hours, the women behind the counter became overly helpful, blatantly thinking I was someone important! hilarious. Anyway, so after them giving me special treatment & cocktail tans galore, I emerged impressively bronzed. Rushing back to the pad the race was on to finish getting ready.


Finally made my way over to the Avalon, collected wristbands & pass, busted the carpet then greeted & seated with everyone. Whilst Sam went off to work the event I made my way to the bar where I got introduced to a few skaters & the Trouble Andrew manager, sweet people. Copious cups of rockstar later, N.E.R.D came on and I fell in love a little with Pharrell. After the show came the after party… Things got a little crazy. Five minutes in & I was following shots of tequila with bottles of corona alongside my new friends from Trouble Andrew & pro x-gamers. I’ve never realllly been a wild child but I certainly wasn’t holding back tonight haha! A few more  shots found me in a pimped up van with my new crew heading up to a skater mansion in the hills, minus Sam… uh oh! Whilst there I met a playboy bunny (Miss Feb 07 to be exact) disappointingly she wasn’t all that, dipped my toes in the pool, over-looked the city from the balcony, played table football, adopted a snowboarder flannel, realised …FUCK, IT’S 4AM! Called Sammo, found him directions, Sammo arrives, we all chill, they talk sports, we go grab x2 tacos for 99¢, still drunk, head home, stumble into bed with a hangover awaiting me.