V.I.P X GAMES Partay

Last night was crazy cool.

With only a few hours to go before the V.I.P X Games red carpet event (because apparently I’m worthy) was due to begin, I was doing last minute prep in true Hollywood style. Pacing down the boulevard in nothing but an american apparel jersey dress & Chanel bag (yep complete commando!) towards Hollywood Tan.  It just so happened that I had drawn out $500 beforehand to save me doing so later in the week so when I retrieved this from my Chanel purse whilst explaining I had a red carpet event to be at in 2 hours, the women behind the counter became overly helpful, blatantly thinking I was someone important! hilarious. Anyway, so after them giving me special treatment & cocktail tans galore, I emerged impressively bronzed. Rushing back to the pad the race was on to finish getting ready.


Finally made my way over to the Avalon, collected wristbands & pass, busted the carpet then greeted & seated with everyone. Whilst Sam went off to work the event I made my way to the bar where I got introduced to a few skaters & the Trouble Andrew manager, sweet people. Copious cups of rockstar later, N.E.R.D came on and I fell in love a little with Pharrell. After the show came the after party… Things got a little crazy. Five minutes in & I was following shots of tequila with bottles of corona alongside my new friends from Trouble Andrew & pro x-gamers. I’ve never realllly been a wild child but I certainly wasn’t holding back tonight haha! A few more  shots found me in a pimped up van with my new crew heading up to a skater mansion in the hills, minus Sam… uh oh! Whilst there I met a playboy bunny (Miss Feb 07 to be exact) disappointingly she wasn’t all that, dipped my toes in the pool, over-looked the city from the balcony, played table football, adopted a snowboarder flannel, realised …FUCK, IT’S 4AM! Called Sammo, found him directions, Sammo arrives, we all chill, they talk sports, we go grab x2 tacos for 99¢, still drunk, head home, stumble into bed with a hangover awaiting me.


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