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Hallows Eve

October 31, 2009




Hello ocean

October 29, 2009

I’ve always been fascinated by the deep blue from an early age. From hearing tales of mermaids and sunken ships, past my blue crush surfer girl days, up until more recent years of realising just what a beautiful canvas it can make for photography. One of the first photographs I took that really made me want to take up the hobby was of a running tap. It was so simple, yet the crystal clear shapes of bubbles and water in motion I captured urged me to start experimenting more with the camera. Here’s that photo..

It’s not much and at age fourteen I had very little knowledge about how to even use a camera, but it was the start of something.

Here’s some photographs I’ve come across and instantly been drawn to..

Date me?

October 29, 2009

Tonight was spent feeling festive & playing around with make-up, getting in the spirit of Halloween (pun not intended!)



October 29, 2009

Today we sat out in the yard carving pumpkins. Kelly made a bong-o-lantern which I’m yet to find the photos of, but here’s my attempt at our gang pumpkin:

❤ LBM ❤

Unknown pleasures

October 28, 2009

I don’t think I’ve ever seen/will see a better tattoo than this one. Ever.

Blowin' in the wind

October 28, 2009

Finally got my paws on this Obey hoody off of!!!


Freak City, Movie Producers, Strip Clubs

October 27, 2009

Hollywood was wild last night!  The original plan was for Kelley, Koren, Bridget & I to head into Hwood and hit up Cinespace. That plan didn’t exactly go very far. So we were parking in some backstreet just off the Boulevard when two guys knock on the car window. We wind them down to find two very beautiful French men. Wow. They invite us to their studio apartment, so of course we agree. They open the door & this place is incredible. High ceilings, surrealist art, contemporary art, a whole wall of custom mosaics, crazy french beats & generally what we can only imagine to be a pretty pricey pad. Drinks are passed around, drums are being beaten, this is definitely a good start to the night.

The Frenchies decided to then take us to the grand opening of Freak City, about a block or two down from their studio. We were having too much fun to say no so went along. On the walk down, French boy grabbed my arm from behind, turned me around, pulled me close & went in for a kiss! Wow. Totally unexpected. Those Europeans really are as passionate as they are said to be. I guess at least now I can say I’ve had a proper French kiss. It was definitely an experience!

We get to the warehouse, which is set up like a kind of urban downtown L.A gallery/crime scene. We get a quick tour from Rick Ross who works with Delicious Vinyl & is starting up his Freak City clothing line. We look into rooms with full length mirrors & racks of clothes. He goes on to tell us this is used as a stylist base in the day, where designers & stylists come to pick clothes for clients. I’m amazed! As for French boy, he starts getting a little too much to handle. I can’t really explain what happened next without it sounding like a strange porno (totally was not!) but it involved him kissing me, a guy with a camera, lots of people looking, Frenchie turning on his acting skillz, a soon to be scene from a movie, a fake break-up, him crying, me trying not to laugh, then a round of applause. Too crazy for me!

We then decide it’s all a little too much, we thank Rick Ross & exchange numbers then head out. The Frenchies start to follow so we do a runner. Literally running down the Boulevard in heels away from probably the best looking boys ever. It doesn’t make much sense really, however they were a little creepy. So, we head back to the car to re-think plans for the rest of the night. We decide to pull into a gas station, get out, look across to see four middle-aged men.  Three of these are extremely built and look like body guards. Turns out they are! The smaller guy stumbles drunk over to our car, we’re all thinking what the hellz is this about. He flashes his Hollywood smile & asks if he can pump our gas. Koren answers “Yeah, if you pay for it!” out comes the wallet flashing $100 bills and that’s exactly what he does! Bridget goes to take a photo of him doing it, but he gets funny with the idea & asks her not to. “That’s the last thing I want in the media” he mumbles. We’re starting to think who on earth this guy is, flashy suit, clearly loaded, three body guards… he must be someone! Turns out he’s a movie producer & has done ‘Beerfest’, ‘Super Troopers’ & is about to film/currently filming ‘Shotgun Wedding’.  So this itself is pretty mental, but what happened next was just crazy! He invites us to a house party higher up the hills, gets in our car, his security follow behind. We turn up, drinks are passed around, he takes down our numbers & tells us his name is Vance. P. Miller. This is turning out to be quite the night, if it hadn’t been already! It’s now 3:30 am, so we decide to leave. We get in the car on a high over what’s just happened and decide the nights not over yet! With half an hour to go until closing time, we hit our first strip club. Oh good god. We get given free entry, seated the ‘best seats in the house’ then what happened next I’d rather try to forget. Me being naive/innocent had no idea strippers actually get fully naked in those places, was not ready for what happened. Numerous girls get up on the stage, strut there stuff around a pole completely nude about a meter from our faces! Fair play to them they were hot mamas but still, we were all taken back slightly! After that experience we head back to the car. Pull ourselves together & head back down to O.C. Definitely a night to remember.

Slidebar aftermath

October 26, 2009

Okay so first off, I would just like to point out that last night we wiped out at least half of the alcohol at Slidebar. I’m not usually a big drinker but when given free reign on a free bar, we would of been stupid not to take full advantage. I think we’re handling ourselves reasonably well considering…!

Make-up club

October 22, 2009


October 20, 2009