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Life is what you make it

March 31, 2010

Floating in the warm, clear waters of the pacific ocean and looking around me to realise that three months ago these people swimming next to me were unknown. Today these people are my friends, a team, a family that have both together and individually made my welcoming/experience of this country all that more special. To be so far (the other side of the world in fact) from my home and blood family and to feel this accepted gives me hope that there is still so much good left on this planet we constantly see devastation in. Living for moments like these is what keeps us alive.


Girl crush

March 30, 2010

Jesus Christ that’s a pretty face.

March 30, 2010

This is the third time I’ve seen Brand New and I can honestly say it was the best time. What was lacking from their previous shows I had been to was the amount of old songs played. However this time the entire set was almost all classics. Plus Kevin Devine supported which made the whole experience that much more incredible. I’ll be falling asleep with a smile on my face tonight. xo

High fashion hit list.

March 24, 2010

Lady love

March 24, 2010

The hot is getting cold.

March 22, 2010

You’d better get it while the gettin’ is good, corner boy. You know the highs are running low. You’d better shove another piece of what is left into your mouth. We need to learn to go without.

I’ve got the rush

March 21, 2010

Vanilla twilight

March 20, 2010

On Friday I finally got to see Owl City play! After missing out on their show in CA I was super excited. Such a talented bunch of musicians, I would definitely recommend watching their live show any day. Plus best seats in the house made it all that much more enjoyable. Happiest I’ve been in a while.


March 19, 2010

To my best friend Amy Barton…

March 9, 2010

Firstly I would like to wish you the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY! Now you’re twenteen also we can both battle not being hot teens any longer together.

For anyone that doesn’t already know, my best friend is currently living out in Los Angeles and I, in Australia. So it’s been impossible to see each other for the last couple of months. Going from hanging out and causing mischief together almost everyday to now just the occasional video call on skype has been to say the least torturous! I guess it’s true what they say about only really appreciating something/someone the most when it’s not there.

Chinese food, Brunel chourz, The Outfield, messy rooms, getting lost in the countryside, singing until our voices hit sexy/husky effect, drivethrus, kitchen hangouts, voice memos, flights, driveway tanning, bullshiiiiiit, late night drives, kebab delivery, sainsburys, Lil Wayne, boy talk, girl talk, drunk on the kitchen floor, secret freshen ups, mandy… are just a few of the things I never knew how much I would miss.

Love you! xo