July 9, 2010

Japanese midnight snacks ❤


July 5, 2010

That moment when you realise

July 5, 2010

Ask away!

July 4, 2010




June 29, 2010


June 29, 2010

It has been brought to my attention numerous times over the last month or so by friends and contacts of a tumblr account posting all pictures from this blog and posing as me. As flattering as this is, I DO NOT have a tumblr account and would appreciate it if whoever owns the account could make it clear it does not actually belong to me..

I have been thinking of maybe getting one and will post the official link up on here if I do so but currently this WordPress is my ONLY active blog.

So friends and followers, please let it be known that this tumblr (http://votrefemme-fatale.tumblr.com/) does NOT belong to me. Thank you. xo


June 25, 2010

Don’t bark if you can’t bite

June 22, 2010


June 22, 2010

Just a game

June 22, 2010